Hurstpark Show Team

Owned by Ceri Phipps-Hewlett

Runneymede Cola

Coffee of Runnymede (Cravat/Rising Light)X Lucky of Runnymede(Cravat/Lightning of runnymede)

22nd June 1981 to May 2009



































Dinky know at home was brought on the 25/10/1983 as a 2 year old when my mum had found out she was having a bady which she was hoping would be in to ponies! Dinky was great friends with Lady as they were the only two my mum had at the time they use to play together all the time as they were both only a year differance in age. Dink was my 1st pony and tought me the hard way of how to stay on! He was ridden by a friend of my mums too who showed him under saddle and in hand where he did very well. He tought me how to jump well how to sit up after a jump if you didnt you would get over the jump he would put his head down to eat the grass and off you came! After I had out grown him and moved on to bigger ponies he went on to teach many more people to ride. Sadly he was put on loan to a family who left him in a big field of grass where he got Laminatice. He came home to retire and had a very good 6 years of having a quite life. His happiest time was when we moved to our new house in Somerset in 2007 where he could just wonder around at his will. Saddly he lost he fight to laminatace and was very stiff in the legs so we had to let him go. This little monster will be missed so much.

Hurstpark Court Jester

Avonvalley Bertram Mills(Tirwinon Step-On/Furthermoors Melinda)X Lady of the Barns(Prince Zilber/Greenlands Jasmine)





























CJ was the 1st of the long line of colts out of lady, he was part arab cross welsh. CJ was shown as a foal at foot and won 3 out of his 4 outings as a foal in riding pony/hunter and part arab classes. He was sold to a lovely family in Stratford when he was weaned. He went on to be backed and shown under saddle in small hunter classes. Lady was only 14.1 but she throw he foals very big.

Hurstpark Just In Time

Abercippyn Express(Derwen Railway Express/Buckswood New Model)X Lady of the Barns(Prince Zilber/Greenlands Jasmine)































Justin was named Just in Time as he was born just in time for lunch. Justin the 3rd foal of Lady was again a colt, but this time the spit of his mother, chestnut four white socks and the patch on the belly.

Justin was shown as a foal at foot and a weaned foal only 6 times where he was in the top 3. He was sold to a stud to stand as a stallion the stud was Arlington Shoecroft Stud who bred part walsh horses. He was then sold on and is now in a loving home where he is now a gelding and she now learning showjumping and dressage and I hope they have lots of fun.

Hurstpark Justin's Double

Abercippyn Express(Derwen Railway Express/Buckswood New Model)X Lady of the Barns(Prince Zilber/Greenlands Jasmine)

































JD as know at home was named justins double for the reason you can all see looked just like justin.

JD was the 4th foal of ladys and the 3rd colt in a row! JD stayed with us a little longer till his was a yearling again only being shown 8 times from foal at fott to a yearling, where agian was in the top 3 every outing. Justin went to his new home up in Nottinghamshire where he still is now enjoying himslef

Hurstpark Tric Het

Abercippyn Express(Derwen Railway Express/Buckswood New Model)X Lady of the Barns(Prince Zilber/Greenlands Jasmine)




























Harry was the 3rd in a row of chestnuts from the same stallion and hence the name tric het welsh for hat tric! Harry being the 6th foal and the 5th Colt in a row lady did like giving us colts!

Harry stayed with us till he was but again was not shown that much again only went out 5 times in the two years he was with us but again having good results, he was sold to a family when he was two, he came back to us as a 3 year old to be backed for them and proved to love his jumping and took to it well.



Hurstparkpark Doctor Bombay

Shulay Gold 'N' Sliver(Pioneerstud Golden Chieftain/Fayrelands Silver Mist) X White Burgandy(TarafxSpringbank Chablis)





























Bombay was Sam's 1st foal as we wanted a palomino foal, so out came bombay he was palomino to start with and then went a very stunning dun colour. He stayed with us till he was 2 years old, he was shown as a yearling and two year old, where he caught the judges eye and did very well in part bred arab classes. He was sold to a home a loving home who backed him and was bring him on for showjumping and is going very well, picture above is with his lovely family.