Hurstpark Show Team

Owned by Ceri Phipps-Hewlett


Lady Of The Barns

1980 to 2008

Prince Zilber (Grojec/Amana) X Greenlands Jasmine (Robin Boy/Greenlands Honeysuckle)


























Lady of the Barns was our first part-bred mare who my mum bought as a 1 year old for £300. She came with a saddle and 10 bales of hay. Best money ever spent!. Lady became a lovely horse for my Mum. She competed at BSJA with her and then bred 6 lovely foals for us - PBAx Welsh Sec D. She then became my pony after my JA pony got injured. Lady was brought back into work and we had so much fun together doing JA and then turned our hand to showing. There was no stopping her. She was my and my mothers pride and joy and didn't stop competing until a year before we sadly lost her to a stroke. She was the best pony any one could have asked for. We all still miss her here at Hurstpark and she will never be forgotton.

All her foals have all gone to lovely homes as show horses/show jumpers.

Hurstpark Candy Floss

21st April 1989

Lady of the Barns (Prince Zilber/Greenlands Jasmin) x Mongarnedd Siwnt (Twyford Posiedon/Cricceth Shanw)

























Hurstpark Candy Floss was born in 1989 and was the first of the hurstpark line, she was born at hurstpark farm. She was bred by our own stallion which was a Welsh Sec A and our mare lady. The name Candy Floss was chosoen for this mare as she came out pink!. So the name was set to candy floss, Candy for short. Candy was shown inhand classes from a yearling in riding pony/ part bred arab and welsh part bred classes. she did very weel as a inhand horse with 5 Championships on 5 outings. We decided to keep her to be my ridden pony we broke her to ride as a 4 year old and was not the easist pony to ride as this was only my 3rd pony at the age of 8 but we got together very well as a 6/7 and 8 year old by winning many championships in riding pony classes, shhe even qualified for the Vauxhall Challenge championships at Peterbrough and was placed 3rd there that year.

Candy then was too small for me and we sold her to a lovely family who still have here now where she has done all pc and rc activaites.

Hurstpark April Rose

22nd April 1996

Lady of the Barns (Prince Zilber/Greenlands Jasmin) x Trevallion Ozbek (Brynymor Welsh Magic/Delga Rosina)






































Rosie as know to us was the last of the foals out of lady after having 5 and having her 6 foal as a 16 year old we thought it was time to let her have some time to be ridden. Rosie we didnt show much as a foal had 8 outings with winning 7 of them and champion twice. we broke tabatha to ride she was a bucking bronko and used me as a dummy across the school many of times! but after braking her as a 3 year old and turning her away for 6 months and bring her back in to work as a 4 year old and was a different pony. We sold her as a 4 year old to a all rounder home.

Hurstpark Midnight Molly

25th April 1996 - 2nd July 1998

Hurstpark Candy Floss (mongarnedd siwnt/Lady of the Barns) x Avonvalley Tiger Harry (Tirenon Stop-on/Clougha Lady Taran)



































Molly as know at home was out of Candy, Lady's first foal. Molly was a lovely foal and we were very lucky to have her. I wanted to bread my own foal out of my own mare. so my mum asked John of Avon Valley stud if I could take Candy to his best stallion Tiger Harry who is a very well shown Welsh Sec D, he said I could as we had been to him for so many years using his stallions. He also did it at mates rates for me which was very nice of him. So Molly was born she was a lovely bay filly, all I could ask for moved so nice was looking forward to showing her and backing her. We took her otu showing only 3 times and won every time out was so pleased with her. She was so good in every way I remeber sitting on her as a 2 year old out in the field no hat no headcollar or rope and she loved it, she was just a dream come true. But saddly some thing was not right and she got grass sickness, we had the vets fight for her and she was just getting better on the 1st July when i was at school my mum went up to the yard and found her colicing in the stable they rushed her to the vets but saddly nothing they could do, she had to be put to sleep. I remember that day like it was yesterday walking through that door at home and seeing my mum so up set and asking whats happened and her telling me. I still miss her now after all this time.

White Burgandy

28th April 1991- October 2004

Taraf (Marawan/Tallulah) x Springbank Chablis (El Dahabi/Whitmore Sweet Martini)
































Sammy know at home was brought by us as a 4 year old she was 13.2hh and the next set up from Candy my 12.1 pony. We went to see sammy and she was a very green unbroken pony who saddly had gone away to be broken but was baddly handle by a man so was very scared of men and any one new. We thought her movement was amazing so we thought we would give it ago. It was a hard and long battle over the first 12 months of having Sammy, but after she begain to trust us and didnt think we were going to hurt her this amazing pony became alive. The jump on this pony was unbelivable she jump 1m20 tracks with ease and JA with me for a year doing very well. Every one told me to show this pony as she had a lovely movement so we thought she was good at jumping and had the movement we would have a go at Working Hunter ponies and we are glad we did for 2 years she did so well winning many and champion at many shows. In her 7th Year we did some horse of the year show quilifaers and she did it got the ticket we were so pleased and could not wait to go to London for this. Saddly we went to have a lesson just before we were going to Hoys and she got her foot stuck in the springs between the front ramp and fell out the trailer and cut her leg open so much that we had to get the vet rushed out and stich it up she had to be on box rest for 6 weeks and then take the stiches out and she how she was. She didnt come right at all over the night 6 weeks as she had some many muscle and back problems we thoguht we would bread from her to let her recover over time. She bred us two lovely foals. We brought her back in to work in 2003 and yes she was fine we did a lot of dressage and she was jumping 1m20 again we were so pleased. but then she went down with twiseted gut and had to be put to sleep. Another lovely pony saddly lost before her time.

Hurstpark Jubilee's Tabatha

07th June 2002

Shulay Gold 'N' Silver (Pioneerstud Golden Chieftain/Fayrelands Silver Mist) x White Burgandy (Taraf/Springbank Chablis)





























Tabatha was the 2nd foal out of sammy. She was born in the field and was a shock to us all that she was early and we wernt excepting to see a foal in the field!. She didnt have the best start in life as her front hooves were knucked under and we had to carry her every where we didnt think she would come right. She was a fighter and after a few days of her getting cross with her feet and making them go right they did strighten and came right like there was nothing wrong with them. She was such a lovely foal and we knew we would keep her and bring her on as a ridden horse. We didnt show her as a foal but did take her out as a 1/2/3 and 4 year old in hand. we didnt have much luck inhand in the Arab classes as she was Paolomino and it was a bit of a shock them to have a part bred palomino in the ring with a lot of bays. At the Arab Nationals in 2006 we changed that and she won her in hand class which was a very strong class.

We start to break her in as a 3/4 year old and she was not easy she was very nervous about being sat on and i sent a lot of time on the floor, so we left her for awhile as saddly my mum was ill with Cancer and couldnt help me. It was my mum dream to have her under saddle but never thought i would be able to tackle her alone but I wanted to do it for my mum so i worked and worked with her as a 4 year old with out letting my mum know and then we got it. It seemed to click in the end for her and she loved it. So when we were going well we took a video to show my mum and she was so pleased that i had got her going. Her dying wish that year was for me to keep her and to make a sucess under saddle with her. That she has done over the last 3 years winning all her novice part bred classes on her 1st season and then not being out the placings for the last two years. We have decided this year to bred from her to get a lovely part bred riding pony out of her. She has been AI by Deanhill Jubille's Tribute and we look forward to the foal.


09th February 1996

Al Aswad (Kais I/Ikbal) x Ino (Saab/Ikbal)





























Taboo is a very spical mare to us. We brought her from Claverdon Stud as a three year old. The reason she is spacial is she was the first Pure Arab i was going to have.At the age of 15 my mum thought i was mad having a pure bred but we had been doing all the arab shows with Lady and i always watched the pure breds and thoguht i want one of them as they have the wow factor. So after to lots of i want i want, my mum gave in and we went to see Joan Lowe at Claverdon. I was told i had to have a gelding this time as we had, had many mares and it was time for me to have a gleding well we were took to the field of gledings were i pick one i liked and Joan said we will just go down to the mares field just in case. So we did and that was the misstake there was loads of 3 year old mares in a group but then there was this one mare by herself and came right up to me and started giving me kisses and wouldnt leave me alone followed me every where so guess which one came home with me the Mare of course!. Taboo was loving and caring mare and worked well on the lunge and was so good to back. she took a long time to mature and has only just mantured now at the age of 13. I remeber someone saying to me she will become good at the age of 12/13 and yes they were so right. She had a very good year as a 12 year old wining her 1st novice class yes still a novice at the age of 12! and then winning at the UK Gold show and becoming Champion there. Then the big wow was being 2nd in the mares class at British Arabian Championships and good way to finish the season off. She has done very well the few shows we have done this year being in the top 6 every time out in the Hoys mare classes so very pleased with her. Now she is at Auchmillan Arabians being covered by a Stallion that I have loved since the 1st time i saw him under saddle Toman. We are very happy that Taboo has been given the chance to go there.