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News 2013 





November & December


Two quite months at home working the horses, Kuda is starting to work nicely under saddle, doing a lot of working long and low so she starts working through her back correctly. All horses had their backs checked and saddles too, ready for next year. Happy Christmas everyone and New year let’s hope 2014 is a good season.





So October was a lot quieter after my scare in September, I of course didn’t stop riding but did slow down a little! Well ok not much really, took Kuda to her first Dressage where she was very well behaved and got 62% and 2nd in her walk and trot test and then did even better in her prelim class winning it with 67.7% very happy for our first outing.

We need another outing at the end of the month as well doing two prelims, it was a lot more busier so she was a little tense in both her test. So only

































South West ponies Championships were at the beginning of the month, I took Hustpark Lady Gaga (bella) for the 3 days. She had a good few days of competing, on the 1st day she came away with 4 1st, on the 2nd day she had a good day with two 2nds and a 4th. Very pleased with her over the whole few days, first time she had been away from home stabled and by herself she took it all in her stride which is nice for a youngster.

Also something not horsey for the month was it was my graduation; I passed all my last year of my Accounts course. I now a qualified accountant! With letters after my name very chuffed and looking forward to starting my business next year.

Sadly half way through the month I fell ill, I had, had a busy weekend with Competing Tabatha for the first time again in years when I felt something was right with me, my whole left side was weak and num, I thought I had just trapped something down my one side so ignored it and went off the next day fence judging for BE, when I got home that evening I had a massive headache and the side of my face dropped! I decided to see a doctor on the Monday and found myself in hospital was 4 days in the stroke clinic scary place to end up at the age of 29! I got the all clear but was told to rest for a month so no work and no horses! It gave me a scare to slow down and try not to do too much for everyone else and look after myself a little more!








































Lots more plaiting and preparing horses for the show ring for people.

I have started lunging Kuda and she is working well, I’ve leaned also now lent over her and started riding her around the school, taken it all in her stride and now the hard work starts of getting her to work correctly in the school lots of long and low work to make her work through her back.

We had a trip out at the end of the month to visit my Big sister to go hacking with her so kuda had some company on her first hack out in the big world! She was very well behaved.

Next few months I hope to get her out to a few dressage test to see what she is like out with lots of horses working around her.

Taboo has been working well and has started her fitness work on the beach








































Bella went out showing in hand again and had a couple of 2nds in big classes at KSEC Summer show. I had an afternoon of judging and boy were the ridden classes big, got to judge the supreme at the end of the day which was really hard to judge some lovely horses and ponies.

Bella had an outing to SWPA summer show, gaining 3 2nds in part bred Arab, owner bred and compertion pony.

July saw a new horse join hurstpark Faeryoak Kuda a 4 year old Anglo arab mare 15.2h owned by shanan and Lisa Leigh, she is going to hopefully go out and do some dressage at the end of the year and showing next year. She will start her education next month looking forward to the up and coming months and years with this special youngster, think she is going to be a gem.

























June was a quite month working mouse at home, Taboo is back hacking and slowly getting back in to work. Hurstpark Lady gaga went out to her first show of the year in hand, now 3 years old! She won both her classes and went overall in hand champion. Very pleased with her, she is off the South West Ponies Championships in September. Had a day judging at Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian with working hunters some amazing horses I got to judge









































May was a better month with more going on had a few horses to bath and prep for people for the dressage and show ring. I had another of my final Accountancy exams which I Passed not long to go now until I’m fully qualified accountant. I managed to have four days away in South of France to visit an old friend and one of my first trainers Tammy. I hadn’t seen her in 13 years after she and her family moved to France. It was great to catch up and to go riding across France the riding out there is amazing. I can’t wait to go again.


Chaos and me have been working together ready for the bath and west to do the ridden sports horse. The bath and west is a busy show and only being 5 it was a big ask for her she didn’t seem to want to play ball on the day but it was a good experience for her and for me. Big thank you to Lotty Merry for letting me ride her.


Mouse is working nicely at home on the flat, also been riding another of Lottys horses TC who is great fun to ride on the flat.


As a thank you for riding Chaos at bath and west Lotty and I went for a Lesson with Vigina Peterson Dressage, really enjoyed it and learnt a lot in the time too.






























April was a quite month for mine lot, sadly boo wasn't sound so is now back out in the field needed a few more months rest off the tendons and Check Ligament. She is having remedial work done on her hooves to help balance her out and help take the pressure off the tendons let’s hope this all goes to plan and be able to come back in to work down the line. I've had a busy month with putting my judging hat back on with the working hunters and some good horses I had in front of me really enjoyed the judging again and have been asked to do a few more through the year. I’ve also been asked to ride a friends Sport horse in the Young Dressage horse competition for the Badminton Championships, she is a lot bigger then my dear Arabs so was a good change for me, we have been doing some work in the school getting use to each other and did a good test getting 6 out of 13 in a very strong young dressage horse class! ~We are now working towards getting her ready for Bath and West.



Well what a horrid winter we have had, it feels like it was never going to end! But I see the light now with the nights getting longer and I can now ride in the evenings. Horses have had a nice holiday over the last few months and been out playing in the fields. Now Taboo and Union M are back in to work slowly and will be out later in the month doing some dressage and clinics.



New for 2013 as I’m not going to be showing this year I am offering my services out.

The Services I am offering are as follows

Full Show Prep

Horse bathed

Trim up Ears, Whiskers, Feathers

Tack Clean

Plait Mane/Tail

£35.00 per horse discount for more than one.


Just Mane tail plait

£15 per horse discount for more than one horse on same yard


Groom for the day at the show

Grooming all day at the show

Prep at the show and getting ready for the ring.

£40 a day

Years of experience of prepping horses for the show ring, turnout to very high standard. Please give me a call and we can have a chat.

No charge for Fuel within 5miles of my home £0.45p per mile after the 5 miles