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December was a busy month of Judging and plaiting for people.

The charity show at KSEC was a very busy lovely day judging all day different types of ridden horses and ponies.

Also was some down time for the horses, having a month off from a busy year. Some down time for me too, goes to Twickenham to watch some rugby.

A lovely Christmas and New Year to you all and let see what 2015 brings to Hurstpark Show Team!




































I had a nice week off work to get and start backing the two Hurstpark babies! Who are now 4! Don’t know where the time has gone! They took it all in their stride and have now both been sat on and ridden around the school. I'm now going to leave them till March next year now to start over again and hopefully get them out doing some dressage and showing later in 2015.

Had a lovely ride across the Quantocks with Taboo and my Friend and her young show horse was very nice to have a good gallop across the hills.

It was a sad month also after a great show season with Kuda it was time to say good bye to her, she was off to her new loan home. I wish them good luck with her and hope they have a good 2015 show season with her.


































Hurstpark Lady Gaga (Bella) Hurstpark Tikkaboo (Tikka)

1st Sit on 1st Sit on












































Taboo and I with a friend went on a great fun ride, my friend Laura who has a 4 year old coloured show horse hadn’t been on a fun ride before so I and Taboo went along for the ride to, and it was 8 miles of great open riding across the Mendips. Great galloping ground and we even did a few cross country jumps!

Had a few horses to plait and pull tails for. Also had a lovely day out at hoys watching the Arabs.

Another day of judging ridden horses at KSEC, some lovely ponies came forward and some really up and coming ridden horses.









































Another month of plaiting horses seems to be taking off really well.

Kuda and myself had a weekend at David brooms for the south west ponies championships, she had an on off show with 2 1st and a 5th. She suffers from being loved by flies so had been eaten a live by them poor mare had fly bites and lumps all over her. So getting what she did was good! Not a bad year for her first season as a Novice. Very pleased with what we have achieved in one year!

Taboo went and did a couple of dressage tests, well the Arab tail was a flying high over her back and my head she was wild! Love this mare so much that she can get away with being that wild! Naughty boo only managed to low 60% in her prelim and Novice test.






































9th August I took Kuda to Emborough Horse show, wow what a down poor of rain we had both me and Kuda were socked! Kuda was a good girl and won her Ridden hack class.


15th August, I was asked to show a friends mare and foal at Dunster Show, Dunster is such a lovely show ground overlooked by the Dunster Castle, had a good day with both Mare and Foal won and the Mare went Riding horse Champion


23rd August was a great day for Kuda out showing, getting 4 1st and two championships, winning both her Novice classes and both Open classes and taking both championships couldn’t get any better for a 5 year old on her first season under saddle.
































6th July was KSEC summer charity show and I had a great day judging morning of different in hand classes and an afternoon of judging ridden horses, with the supreme championship at the end of the day a lovely show hack was our Supreme. Really do enjoy my judging.


13th July Took kuda out showing again with her winning all four classes and getting two reserve champions, foot perfect very chuffed with her.


20th July another outing for Kuda wining both her ridden classes again!


24th July the day of Kuda's biggest show to date Arab National Show. Kuda was foot perfect in the Novice ridden Anglo Arab and came 2nd novice ridden Anglo Arab went in to championship was so well behaved for her age and how we know she can be naughty and res res British national ridden Anglo Arab champion and a good dressage first on grass with 64% happy is a understatement and all I wanted today was a well behaved pony didn't think we would get what we did.








































8th June Took Taboo to some dressage at KSEC Novice 28, again taboo starts her test well then the naughty Arab tail comes up over her back and we lose marks, it’s a good job I love this mare she still managed a 63.54% and 5th.


14th June another outing for taboo to dressage was more sedate well so the other way I had to kick ha-ha! She gained a 61.07% in her Novice 27.


15th June Took Kuda to Three counties show was in one of her naughty moods and very excitable with the jumping going on in the ring behind us she came away with a 5th in the large part bred Arab class.


17th June saw another outing for Taboo this time an evening dressage test a better Novice test with 66.79% gaining a 5th.


29th June it was Kuda’s turn for dressage this time, doing Prelim 18 with 65.6% coming 5th and Novice 24 with 62.6% coming 7th.






































1st May Taboo went to some evening dressage gaining a 1st with a whopping 74.19% in her novice 28 was very shocked for her to get this amount and for her to keep chilled all the way through.


4th May was SWPA show at Taunton Race course Kuda's first time on grass and she didn’t disappoint at all coming home with 2nd in the open hack class and the same in the Arab class.


18th May BSPS Area 13B show with Kuda, doing her first Royal International qualifier, first time being ridden by a judge all the horses were more open horses then her and she was the youngest by a few years but still was good and gained a 6th


25th May Wales and West Arab show, another outing for Kuda and second time being ridden by a judge lot better this time, being pulled top on the go round and then keeping this place after being ridden very chuffed with her.


29th May Arab day at the Bath and West, Was a big day for Kuda in the main ring at one of biggest county shows. Lots going on Brass bands, sheep singing shows! you name it, it was going on around that main ring she took it all in a little tense but came 7th in the ridden part Arab class, then she took 7th in the in hand class to, two strong classes she is still a novice and growing so very pleased with how she was.


25th May - Wales and West C Arab show, Kuda's outing again and Novice ridden part Arab kuda was pulled in top and stayed top gave a good ride to the judge and was foot perfect.


18th May - Kuda's outing to BSPS Area 13B, this was kuds first show with a judge riding her, she was a little tense with the judge riding her put did everything she was asked of and came a good 6th in a RIHS open class.


4th May- South west Pony show at Taunton Race course another outing for Kuda this time in open hack and open Part Arab, first time out on grass in the open again was very well behaved and came home with two 2nds in good classes.


1st May 2014 - Sedgemoor Events Evening Dressage- Taboo Went out to do another Novice Dressage, Novice 28 did an amazing test with no naughty parts getting 8, 8's and gaining a mark of &4.1% brining home 1st place.















27th April - An outing for Taboo to Kings Sedgemoor again another Novice test this one being Novice 24, gaining a mark of 67.1% and a 5th place in a tough class of horses.


26th April- Showing Show @ King Sedgemoor- This was a pre season warm up for the show season, took Kuda to see what the judges would think of her, she did the Ridden Arab and the Ridden Hack both open classes and she won both and then took overall ridden champion the judge loved her and said she was going to be a very good prospect for the future. Exciting times ahead with this mare.


20th April- Sedgemoor Events Dressage - Another outing for Taboo Novice again with number 28 another good score of 70.8% and a 2nd.


18th April- South west Pony show @ The Grange - What a day! Started out early to get down to Oakhampton, had a blow out on the motorway with he trailer, had to wait and get it fixed, Kuda was so well behaved when this was being done. This meant we missed one of our Novice classes, we still managed to do our novice hack class which she won and then as we were there, we did the open hack which she also won, beating some very nice horses. Great day out in the end.









30th March- Conquest showing show- Took kuda for an outing to try showing her somewhere different in a different indoor, she was a good girl a little tense in places but came home with a 2nd and 3rd in her two classes.


23rd March- Sedgemoor Events Dressage- Took Kuda out to do some dressage, she did a couple of nice tests, Prelim 14 coming 2nd with 66.8% and a novice coming again 2nd with 65.9% she would of won if the rider didn’t go the wrong way and lose two points!!


10th March- New chapter for me- After 4 years of working for the same company doing credit control, I decided that now I am an qualified accountant I should move on and start using my skills, so started a new job with a future. Step up to a high position in a lovely company, where I can look to further my career and take more exams and become charted with my accounts, here’s to a happy future!



1st March- South West pony show @ stretcholt EC- Kuda had an outing 3 classes, a boy what a day, she won her Novice ridden Hack class and took Reserve Champion, won both her open classes as well, she is really taking this showing in her stride!



Hurstpark Show Team

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