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Hurstpark Show Team

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News 2015





27th December - Dressage outing with Kuda to KSEC she was a really chilled mare and this is the first time she had been back here since April! We did two Novice tests

Noivce 27 was our first test some little tension in places but a good test gaining 70% and 2nd place, only loosing out with 0.1% on 1st place, that was my fault I let her swing her quarters out in her halt!

Noivce 34 was our 2nd test of the day another good test with a good score of 68.7% and taking 1st place this time.


Please check out the Videos below





























11th December - So it was about time I brought myself some new transport so after working 4 jobs all year Ive managed to buy a horsebox ready for the show season next year makes life a lot easier with traveling the length of the country chasing them tickets!




15th November - X Factor Dressge to Music @ Conquest Equestrian - So I've wanted to do dressage to music for ages so this was a good place to start with this and I even got to dress up as Princess Jasmine out of Walt Disney Aladdin. All the music was taken from the film and worked so well with Kuda and her paces. It was a lot of work getting the music right and getting the right Novice test put together with the right diffculty in it. She took to it very well a little tense but did a nice test to get 71.2% and 2nd place getting us in to the afternoon performance of 15 horses she did well and got 5th overall and got great comments from the judging pannel, so we now have our music and can use this for British Dressage in 2016.

Please see below our video of the performance and big thank you to Carole Negus for making this magical cape of mine I think I will wear this a lot :)










































25th October - Dressage @ Hill Farm Sedgemoor Events Kuda went out and did a couple of Novice Tests Novice 27 getting 1st with 66.4% and Novice 30 another 1st with 67.8% starting to get some nice work and marks out of her now.


15th October - Bridgwater Sales- was very naughty and went to the sales to recuse some ponies with my friend Carole and that we did Meet Lola a coloured yearling mare who has gone to live with Carole and Mitzy a 6 month old bay shetland x Sec A which has come home to live with the other horses playing out in the fields.
































4th October - Fun Ride time, Its always nice to take the horses out to have a little bit of fun and let them chill out, so Kuda and her firend Az went for a good 10 mile ride across the Mendips it was great to have a good gallop and let them have some fun, so they know not every thing is serious like this dressage and showing lark!